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Development Chef

Development Chef

The Kinara group are delighted to announce that Gareth "Gaz" Smith will be joining our team in early May. Below is a bit about Gaz...
Returning to Dublin in May with his family, after 6 successful years in Vienna. Where he ran the Kitchens for Austria´s 2 finest Gastro-Pubs, gaining entrance into practically every guide book, magazine and newspaper.

Starting at Charlie P´s, (the only Irish Pub in the world with a highly coveted “ Haube”) and later O´Connors Old Oak (0.5 of a point away from being the 2nd Pub in the world with a “Haube”). During his time in Austria, he completely transformed the cooking identity for both pubs, generally raising the standard of pub food throughout the capital.

Better known in Ireland for his position as Head Chef in Restaurant 1014 in Clontarf, and time in Chapter One, The Chart House in Dingle and Ely CHQ, as well as stages in London, including the Harwood Arms and The Ledbury.

He is returning in May to take up the role of Development Chef for the Kinara Restaurant Group, where he will oversee all four kitchens. The aim is to liven up the current menus and give a new edge to the cooking without interfering with the core principles of the current high standards and consistency.

“I wish I could tell you that I was raised on a little small holding farm where we ate only Organic produce. But I can´t, we were raised in the middle of a very poor housing estate, eating Turkey Twizzlers, Waffles and Baked Beans most days. So I´ve always been excited by new styles of food. I basically fell into cooking after taking a job as a kitchen porter and working my way up through the ranks, and generally forcing myself to work at better and better kitchens when the work got too easy!
This is why I'm very excited to get into an ethnic kitchen such as Kinara, the high quality of the current chefs, the ambition of the owners, the new range of spices and techniques, and the challenge this will bring me. Im all set for a few sleepless nights and a few mistakes".